Christian Heritage Tours Inc. is a multilingual Guide Service to our Nation's Capital; Philadelphia; Valley Forge; Gettysburg; Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg, Virginia, and other historic sites with an emphasis upon our American traditions and heritage. Since its inception in March, 1984, licensed Christian guides and comfortable modern buses have been taking thousands of visitors on pilgrimage to discover and enjoy their rich Christian heritage and biblical history in the United States of America.

It's an exciting study, so let us explore together our rich heritage, etched in marble and stone and woven into the very word of America's culture through the architectural, artistic and historical themes inherent within and without her national landmarks, monuments and memorials.

      I'd very much like to be in contact with the English person God sent to help me in Wichita, Kansas on the morning of February 16, 2001, at the airport.  Please communicate with me.  God has told me to be in contact with you.  It would be a joy to hear from you soon.  Catherine Millard -

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